Why monster ?

We always have this question in our mind. Why do artists draw monsters?

What is the purpose of creating peace sign with the mask?

The answer is fear !

I being an artist fear sometimes.

We created this art work painting when we had fear of losing hope

December 27


Sculpture: Monster my hope agenda


Created sketched for Pakistan

Bedroom fears

Better late bad luck

Always ready for curse

Fear of security life death losing hope

Fear of blood revenge war politics

Brain war society war battle of power control system laws test buttering along with bread

We should overcome our fear

You can write paint and read your fears before time

We have everything in Pakistan

We should not be afraid of anyone this is our land our region and people

Let’s overcome our fear together as one nation

Give pencil a chance over bullet

In this time of hour we should remember our kids who died with bullets in Pakistan and in France just for the sake of pencil/pen-pricks. For example I have pencil in my right hand and gun on the other hand. Although gun looks like a toy it fascinate me a lot , poor pencil stands like a still camera , if I imagine pencil as a toy it will teach me a lot of tricks: my pencil :)

You need to play with pencil by writing, drawing, coloring etc.

You can conquer this universe/world/love by writing a note .

Give one pencil to your loved ones as a Valentine love , give pencil a chance over bullet.

Qasur : classic love

Qasur : classic love

Beautiful journey from phase5 to Qasur

On our way we discovered a lot of things.

Trees, tractors, donkey cart and the excitement of our youth From Bedian to Qasur adventure plus darkness, silence, nature peaceful journey hard to forget

One can find natural beauty people shops humanity trust love and kindness attitude towards life

After sunset one can imagine travelling on the best routes of the world

Lights texture rain home moonlight and love for humanity

Night vision Pakistan

When you want hope go explore Qasur

Respect for all;

No matter you are on foot or in a luxury car

Organized society culture and self dignity

Time does matter from 5:00 pm 9:00 pm a complete and classic love

Sometimes you have to write to express love and letter to the citizens


Circle : Life moves on

Circle of life: Life moves on
In life we see different stages: D
Some say kids talk and show their presence, emotions, and expressions inside mother’s belly.
So, the circle of life starts before birth.
It takes nine months for a healthy baby.
Early life, teen life, twenties…… and so on and on!
In all stages, life teaches us everything in the world. This world, society and culture have many sides; are always with us through thick and thin.
As we move on in life we see a lot of different kind of human species: different behaviors, attitude, egos, friendships, companionship, power, success, love, failure and reproduction.
These are phases of life; nothing last long.
We can buy everything from money but unfortunately we cannot buy love.
Everyone buy friendship circles, society and sides: it’s not a new thing in the world (except for few).
Sociology, political science, literature and art teach us everything; practically it’s not easy in life to keep updating your brain with knowledge.
“Do not fear knowledge” Einstein
(To be honest it’s always been difficult for us, facing all kind of crises).
It’s a battle of life and death, power and politics, love and hate.
“Courage is grace under pressure”
We should have courage to face life.
“Life moves on”

Proud to be a b!

Love in Paris, born in England and living in the land of pure.
Life is full of adventures even if you do not like being adventurous, you have to be!
“To be or not to be”
“Water water everywhere not a single drop to drink”
“A fool a fool, I met a fool”
Even if you are not a student of English Literature you must be familiar with one of these lines by Shakespeare.
When I was in school one of my class fellow performed in “Hamlet” as a leading role in an annual school function. I still wonder why I was not in that play may be I was not good in acting  or you can say at that time we used to say,
“Mirror mirror on the wall”
Hamlet is a play written by Shakespeare. Anyone can read this play, those who cannot afford in the budget! You don’t have to buy book, download or buy this from a DVD shop. Go to a nearby library and spend some time there instead of wasting money on books, DVDs and internet!
These days our generation is blessed with technology and if you are blessed with million dollar parents, you are not lucky only. You are blessed with cash flow!
Back on the topic, proud to be a b*****d and a “P********”
When we got freedom from British Raj we were happy and sad as well.
Loss of our blood, money, land and respect (mahaj!r). Lucky were those who were already living in the cities of Pakistan.
At that time there was no registration of Nikkah nama.
Fifties and Sixties weddings were not registered as it was not necessary. Lucky chaps
But history tells us that there were many Mr. & Mrs. Ouch who wanted to prove something to the world that they are “Superman/woman”
So by the grace of God they implemented some laws in the name of terror, in the name of Allah, in the name of Jihad.
But again we will say we are proud Pakistanis.
We are proud bastards.
“I am proud to be B”