House#24 Block C

House#24 Block C

Story of an artist

Faisalabad to Lahore

Life was full of fun

One room studio

Artwork weekdays

Weekend’s fun







Five thousand six hundred jokes for all occasions

Fine Arts

University days

Mall road



I feel good

What a wonderful world

Why monster ?

We always have this question in our mind. Why do artists draw monsters?

What is the purpose of creating peace sign with the mask?

The answer is fear !

I being an artist fear sometimes.

We created this art work painting when we had fear of losing hope

December 27


Sculpture: Monster my hope agenda


Created sketched for Pakistan

Bedroom fears

Better late bad luck

Always ready for curse

Fear of security life death losing hope

Fear of blood revenge war politics

Brain war society war battle of power control system laws test buttering along with bread

We should overcome our fear

You can write paint and read your fears before time

We have everything in Pakistan

We should not be afraid of anyone this is our land our region and people

Let’s overcome our fear together as one nation

Give pencil a chance over bullet

In this time of hour we should remember our kids who died with bullets in Pakistan and in France just for the sake of pencil/pen-pricks. For example I have pencil in my right hand and gun on the other hand. Although gun looks like a toy it fascinate me a lot , poor pencil stands like a still camera , if I imagine pencil as a toy it will teach me a lot of tricks: my pencil :)

You need to play with pencil by writing, drawing, coloring etc.

You can conquer this universe/world/love by writing a note .

Give one pencil to your loved ones as a Valentine love , give pencil a chance over bullet.

Qasur : classic love

Qasur : classic love

Beautiful journey from phase5 to Qasur

On our way we discovered a lot of things.

Trees, tractors, donkey cart and the excitement of our youth From Bedian to Qasur adventure plus darkness, silence, nature peaceful journey hard to forget

One can find natural beauty people shops humanity trust love and kindness attitude towards life

After sunset one can imagine travelling on the best routes of the world

Lights texture rain home moonlight and love for humanity

Night vision Pakistan

When you want hope go explore Qasur

Respect for all;

No matter you are on foot or in a luxury car

Organized society culture and self dignity

Time does matter from 5:00 pm 9:00 pm a complete and classic love

Sometimes you have to write to express love and letter to the citizens