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Title: After almost twenty-nine years

  • We met our destiny
  • I discovered the value of capital letters
  • We put smile on our faces, even in the worst hours of our life
  • A journey to Islamabad changed our lives
  • Room#366
  • One rainy night
  • Bad management of the PML(N) 2014 Sep,1
  • A warm welcome
  • City, full of water
  • Access was not difficult
  • Took only three hours to reach “one of the best leading hotels of the world”.

Serena, Pakistan

  • All roads were blocked due to the fear of PTI’s tsunami.
  • Big containers, big police vans
  • 12:00-3:00 am
  • Security lapse
  • Police gullu’s were sleeping in their vans
  • Few were eating rice
  • Bomb disposal van was parked with no guard inside.
  • “Dharna” of PTI and PAT
  • Government is out of mind.

It’s a holiday for police from AJK, Multan, from all over Pakistan.

  • They eat biryani and play cricket
  • When they rest, they give way to the terrorists to enter in the red zone
  • Even hotels are not safe you talk about dharna
  • It’s all about love for my country and the safety of our loved ones that made us strong.
  • Thank you all for making me feel like a free bird.
  • Love for all because I have love only for every creature






Golf’s journey

Published March 30, 2014 by nooriezk

Last year when I started playing golf my handicap was thirty-four.


At that time I used to play alone with my old men’s golf set and that was quite heavy for me. But I won many tournaments with that golf set. Day by day I became a regular golfer. Everyone started recognizing me in the golf circle. One fine morning I was playing golf alone and someone met me and introduced himself as a golf convener. The very next day when I was about to tee-off the golf convener asked me to play with him along with his golf buddies. They were quite old harmless must be in their eighties.

I enjoyed playing with them, day by day we became friends. We started playing golf together. I enjoyed the company of senior citizens of Lahore. They were four old golfers who became my golf buddies. I was the youngest golfer among them. One of them liked to share jokes with everyone which was a good quality. I still like his jokes. The other old golfer was a doctor. He used to share jokes as well but he was a little bit reserved. I enjoyed their company a lot laughed a lot with them. That was the lighter side of golf. One of them was an accountant who never liked jokes and was a bit edgy towards life. The last as I have mentioned earlier was the one who introduced me in his group was also fond of good English jokes. We used to play five ball everyday but after some time five ball got divided into two balls and one ball. I started playing alone again and sometimes with the professional golfers as I wanted to improve my game. Participated in all tournamnets sometimes I won and sometimes it was my bad-luck. My target was handicap twenty four that I achieved in four months and now it been seven months and my handicap is eighteen point five now: D

My new target is handicap twelve and I am practicing a lot these days on my short-falls. In the meanwhile I made few friends while playing golf. Now I have golf buddies in every golf club of Lahore. Once a week I play with my old buddies and I do enjoy Shah g’s jokes, coffee, tea and company. For motivation I invite my friends to play golf with me for example I have one Korean friend who is also a good golfer. Secondly I try to participate in all matches organized by LLGC, Lahore Ladies Golf Circuit where I get the chance to play on different golf courses of Lahore.

LLGC provides the opportunity to play with some good golfers of Lahore. Plus a lot of experience that includes patience, practice and you get to know your short falls. I remember we had a match on New Year’s morning at Lake City Lahore. I had the chance to play in the windy and cold weather. It was fun and I enjoyed brunch specially coffee with hot puri’s. It is also amazing we have one senior old golfer in LLGC. LLGC arrange matches twice a month. Winners get new golf balls. It is always amazing to get to know golfers and their golf experiences. Now I play with my full new ladies golf set I have Callaway’s irons and Taylor made’s driver, wood, rescue and putter. Thanks to my full loaded husband.

Thank you Ami, Abu for giving my Chenab club and Lyallpur golf clubs bills when I was a kid.


If someone wants to play good golf one has to be positive. I try to enjoy the company of gossip monger’s, critics, losers, haters, enemies, well wishers, admirers, and strangers! Because I want to play golf and I love golf.

Caution: Too much golf can create problems in your personal life: p



Breakfast at a friends’ green house

Published February 6, 2014 by nooriezk

Breakfast at a friends’ green house

One fine morning I went out for golf after playing nine holes I went for breakfast at a friends place.

I found greenery all over the place, inside and outside the house.


He’s got variety of plants.


Beautiful plants of every size and every type.




Sausages, cheese, chicken with onion. Special recipe by his wife.Image

Some Japaneese seeds


Kheer as sweet dish.


Orange juice with smirn off.


Enjoyed the breakfast and company had fun for four hours.

This is how I spend Kashmir holiday in Pakistan ;)

I am a prisoner of my mind and body

Published January 18, 2014 by nooriezk

I am a prisoner of my mind and body.

These days my life is passing very quickly. I have taken a holiday from my routine life. I used to wake up early at 7:00 am. Played golf for good four months became an early bird and won seven tournaments of the season.


But now after shifting to another house my body and mind are so relaxed that I wake up in the afternoon.


Don’t feel like going for golf as I cannot get up early. I am a prisoner of my mind and body.  Seems like I am wasting my time once again or giving my mind some time to relax and get ready for the adventure.

Maybe it’s the after effect of my new house which is a complete home for me. It’s comfortable no disturbance no noise. Sometimes I feel like I am in my hometown enjoying winter holidays. I am watching seriesImage

reading Shakespeare


and some music.


I hope my mind will take holiday from this holiday phase as soon as possible.


Published December 20, 2013 by nooriezk

One dark night Julie and Robin had a wild cat fight.


After the long fight Julie got tired and went to sleep in anger.


To take revenge Robin took help from  his brother Jason .


Sister–in- law Suzie.


Molly and Mango Robin’s nieces.


Fhat Robin’s mother.


Rhat Robin’s sister.


The ugly cat family got wild and attacked the beautiful Julie.

Meow meow meow meow meow meow.

Suzie, Molly and Mango attacked first and molested Julie. Sshh!



Jason entered in Julie’s room along with his mama and sister. Suzie and Molly grabbed Julie’s arms and Jason fucked Julie. Ouch

Julie was not in a position to fight back as it was a surprise gift for Julie from Robin.


Julie thought it’s her last night and she is going to die.

But for everyone’s surprise Julie woke up next morning and went to a nearby Cat’s Hospital.


Julie realized who his real enemies were.


Julie hope they burn and rot in hell!!!

Oops and ouch.


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